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Yli 200 yksikkökonetta on matkalla Turkkiin

Aika: 2022-07-06 Osumat: 63

Recently, after several days of shipments, more than 200 sets of Zoomlion's high-end equipment successfully completed the "boarding". With the sound of a thick and high-pitched whistle, they will set sail from Tianjin Port and send them to Turkey, starting a new journey to help local construction. This shipment is the largest single-batch export order from China's construction machinery industry in recent years, which demonstrates the strong competitiveness of Chinese manufacturing that is famous all over the world.


Relevant personnel of Zoomlion Overseas Company introduced: "Since this year, the company's products have continued to sell well in the global market, and hundreds of units have gone out to sea one after another. The more than 200 units of equipment shipped this time cover engineering lifting. Machinery, concrete machinery, earth-moving machinery, aerial work machinery, etc., almost include all types of construction machinery under Zoomlion, realizing full bloom.”

Various products are selling well overseas. In addition to the recovery of the world economy and the release of international market demand, Zoomlion also benefits from the superposition of multiple advantages such as the excellent performance of Zoomlion's products, breakthroughs in key core technologies, and globalization.

According to reports, taking the exported pump truck as an example, in the three rigid indicators of volume, pressure and cloth height, Zoomlion is at the leading level in the industry. It is equipped with the company's self-developed boom active vibration reduction system, which makes the operation more stable. , the accuracy is also higher.

Through key technologies such as machinery, electricity and hydraulics, Zoomlion ZE215E-10, ZE135E-10 and other excavator products not only have high reliability and stability, but also have a long service life, which can help customers effectively control fuel consumption cost is highly competitive.



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